Saturday, 19 April 2014

Introducing Rebecca

Hi Dolly Peeps!

Just a quick post to introduce my very first Littlefee Rebecca!

Brown Eyed Girl

Name: Rebecca
Company: Fairyland
Sculpt: Nanuri 2013 event head
Faceup: Eludys
Eyes: FL default brown
I bought Rebecca on impulse from the Marketplace at Den Of Angels and wasn't entirely sure that I would like her. But as soon as I tried her face on a Littlefee body and gave her a wig and eyes I realized there was something very special about her and fell utterly in love with her! Her faceup is by the talented Eludys who has the rare gift of making the dolls she paints look so alive! Ironically the body she is on right now was originally bought with my Littlefee Lise who was only home for a week after her arrival before her faceplate was sold and Rebecca took over her body. (That sounds kind of invasion of the body snatchers doesn't it? Lol!)

Hubby and I am making her a custom room box/diorama which I'll feature in a future post. I love making anything for my dolls, and working in 1/6 scale is a special challenge I haven't attempted before, but I'm really enjoying. Anyway here are some other pics of my sweet girl. I hope you like her as much as I do. 

My Sweet Girl



Thanks for looking!

Ta Ta for now!

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