Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Biebs

Greetings Dolly Peeps,

Look who I found at the thrift store today. It's the Biebs!

I sing...and sing......and siiiiiiing!

He's in great condition and has his complete outfit including scarf and shoes. The outfit is amazing quality. He even sings! When I was looking him over I accidentally pressed the button on his stomach that makes him sing. I wondered where the loud disembodied music was coming from for a second till I realized it was him! I thought he was one of those dolls who just sings a snippet of a song, but Master Bieber continued to sing...and sing...and sing. He kept singing, in fact, as I walked through the store looking for my hubby who had headed over to the electronics, and while hubby and I were looking through some bags at which point I hissed, "shut up!" at poor Biebs and resorted to hitting him on the head. I was a little embarrassed and tried to steer us down deserted aisles so no one would wonder why the dulcet tones of, "Let me tell you one time," was magically emanating from me wherever I went. But anyway despite his embarrassingly loud and persistent song - oh preserve me from people thinking I'm actually listening to Justin Bieber songs on purpose - I kind of like him.

Here's a full shot of him in all his Bieb-ish glory.

Do you like my hair?

Awesome Possum gives The Biebs a 4 out of 5 for the quality of his clothes and fun-ness (is that even a word?) I give him a minus 27 for embarrassing me, but I agree that all in all he's pretty cool.

Awesome Possum

4 Out of 5 on the Awesomeness Scale

One last thing. When I brought The Biebs home my 13 year old daughter, who never wanted anything to do with Bieber Fever, swatted him away when I showed her. I can't even begin to express how cool my daughter is. She marches to the beat of a different drummer, she's not a follower just for the sake of it and makes up her own mind. Just sayin'. ;)

I also found a 1st wave Liv doll Sophie in perfect condition with her wig, part of her outfit and her glasses too! I almost never find cool Liv accessories like glasses so I was thrilled. I'm planning on sharing some pics of my Liv Doll collection in an upcoming post so I'll show her off then.

Thanks for reading!

Ta Ta for now!

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