Monday, 17 February 2014

Hayden's Beach House - New Bedding

Hi Dolly Peeps!

Just a quick post to tell you that I finally got around to the task that I've been putting off for months; making the bedding for Hayden's beach house. If you've been following my blog you might remember me talking about my Liv Doll Hayden's House. Hubby bought it for me as an anniversary gift last year and I've been slowly transforming it into a beach cottage.

Here it was before the bedding.

Here it is featuring the new bedding.


And here's a close up. 


Sorry about the different floor. The old one (a roll of faux wood contact paper) got messed up and I've yet to buy another one. I'm fairly pleased with the bedding. I cut up an old dress that my daughter has grown out of and, because I can;t sew for the life of me, put it together using hemming tape. I think I'll redo the comforter but the pillow isn't bad.

Next on the Beach Cottage To Do List?
  • Make miniature pictures for the walls
  • Make small shelves for the kitchen wall
  • Make beachy accessories with sand and teeny tiny shells. 
Anyway, thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Nice job on the no sew Becky! It's all looking really good.

  2. Your beach cottage is beautiful. Well done on the bedding, love the color.