Monday, 17 February 2014

Hayden's Beach House - New Bedding

Hi Dolly Peeps!

Just a quick post to tell you that I finally got around to the task that I've been putting off for months; making the bedding for Hayden's beach house. If you've been following my blog you might remember me talking about my Liv Doll Hayden's House. Hubby bought it for me as an anniversary gift last year and I've been slowly transforming it into a beach cottage.

Here it was before the bedding.

Here it is featuring the new bedding.


And here's a close up. 


Sorry about the different floor. The old one (a roll of faux wood contact paper) got messed up and I've yet to buy another one. I'm fairly pleased with the bedding. I cut up an old dress that my daughter has grown out of and, because I can;t sew for the life of me, put it together using hemming tape. I think I'll redo the comforter but the pillow isn't bad.

Next on the Beach Cottage To Do List?
  • Make miniature pictures for the walls
  • Make small shelves for the kitchen wall
  • Make beachy accessories with sand and teeny tiny shells. 
Anyway, thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dolly Blog Interview

Hi Dolly Peeps!

I found this mass blogger interview by Ms Leo at I Luv Dolls Blog and thought it would be fun to participate. These are my answers. Here goes...

  • When did you start collecting dolls?  

A long loooong time ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth...actually when I was a little girl my beloved Grandma got me into collecting dolls by bringing me back dolls from her world travels. Of all the dollies she gave me I still have this set of nesting dolls. Thank you Grandma. I miss you. xox

Russian Dolls

  • What was your first purchase as a collector?

I think it must have been the Happy Family dolls that were sold in the early 2000's. I used to have the original Happy Family when I was teen and when I saw the newer ones I was so excited I had to get them.

  • How many dolls do you own?

Ummm... a lot! Probably about 60-70.

  • What is your favorite doll and why?

My absolutely favorite is my Asleep Eidolon Aure. She's a resin Ball Jointed Doll. She's so sweet and beautiful  that she just makes me heart melt when I look at her. *happy sigh* (Her eyes look black in this pic but they are actually a dark green. Which reminds me I must get her some new brown or blue eyes.)

Modern Snow White

 And in terms of barbie/fashion dolls my favorite is my beautiful Barbie Princess of South Africa. I have a soft spot for dolls of colour and I absolutely adore this girl!  Her name is Mbali.

Barbie Princess of South Africa
  • What doll or dolls are not your favorites and why?

My High School Musical dolls and any dolls with that body; the hips are too narrow and they have no articulation at all. They'll be going bye bye very soon, except the clothes which I'll keep for my Mary Kate and Ashley dolls. Mary Kate and Ashley are going to be my Blog co-hosts. Ironically they also have the same horrible bodies so I'll have to re-body them on Fashionistas or something else. We shall see. ;)

  • What is the biggest challenge about collecting dolls?

Money money money! Being able to afford what I want. Seeing stuff on sale and having no money. Note to self: Must NOT browse Ebay when I have no money. That totally stresses me out!

  • How do you display or store your dolls?

I actually don't have an effective display method for my dolls right now. But the few I do have out (Liv, Barbie Life in the Dream House) are going to be put stands on the shelf in our home office/craft room. Seeing them lined up all neat and pretty makes me feel happy. The others are carefully stored in plastic baskets and tubs.

  • Have you ever been to a doll show? 

No, never. Too much temptation. *shudders*

  • When you travel, do you look for dolls?

Yes, always. If there's a thrift store I'll make a bee line for it.

  • What is your latest purchase?

Yesterday on my thift store run I found a beautiful Liv Sophie (wave 1) with part of her outfit, the wig in perfect condition and the glasses! I almost peed myself I was so excited! Plus a singing Justin Bieber doll with his complete outfit.

  • What doll is on your wish list now?

Liv  doll Jake. Waaaaannnnnnnt! However he's listed at ridiculous prices on Ebay so I've decided to wait it out and hope I somehow miraculously find him at a thift store one day. Either that or I'll just sell my first born and buy him. Lol, just kidding. ;)

 *Image by SpinMaster

  • What do you wish you didn’t purchase?

Hmmm, nothing really. Even if I just buy dolls for the clothes it's worth it. But I do wish I hadn't got rid of all my Barbie Fashion Fever dolls. I thought that I was done with Barbies and that I would never play with them again...I lived to regret that.

  • What is your favorite doll related item?

My Liv Hayden's House. The turquoise kitchen is so pretty and nothing is pink for which I am profoundly grateful; thank you Spin Master! Anyway, I'm still working on it and trying to make it look like a beach cottage. Here it is. I still have to make bedding and put up some shelves in the kitchen. It also needs more beachy accessories and pictures on the walls.

Beach Cottage

Kitchen/Living room


  • How often do you photo your dolls and what doll is the most photographed
and/or photogenic?

I take pics whenever the sun is out which, in Canada during the winter, is not a lot. I find the Liv Dolls to be the most photogenic. Livs eyes are so vivid and they just pop on film. They are such gorgeous dolls! Here's my favorite shot of Liv Sophie. Look at those eyes!

  •  Do you talk to other collectors in person or just on the web?

I do have one dear dolly friend (Holla out to Daisy! You know who you are) who lives in the same city as me, and we sometimes get together. I also talk to most of my dolly friends on Flickr or Den Of Angels (Ball Jointed Doll forum.)

  • If you had the chance to speak to Mattel or other toy makers, what
would you say?

Dear Mattel: Please, less pink people or, better still, none! Stop using that cheap and nasty shiny fabric and use more cotton. Loose the glitter and please always, always articulate your dolls. Pleeeeeease!

SpinMaster: Please bring back the Livs!

  • What doll do you wish would be reissued?

Liv Dolls, Liv Dolls, Liv Dolls! If I thought that begging Spin Master pathetically to bring them back, or camping out on their company doorstep, would work I would do it. *nods emphatically*

*Image by PicklePud on Flickr

  • What two dolls would you combine and how would you want them
combined?  (Muff style question.)

Barbie Dolls of the World with articulated Fashionista bodies. I've already done it. Almost all my DOTW girls have Fashionista bods. See? Here's Megan my DOTW Canada. Shout out to Canada cause it's where I live. I'm a transplanted Brit but I married a Canadian and LOVE it here. Canadians are awesome!


Thanks Ms. Leo. That was fun!

Ta Ta for now!

I believe...

*Not my picture

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Biebs

Greetings Dolly Peeps,

Look who I found at the thrift store today. It's the Biebs!

I sing...and sing......and siiiiiiing!

He's in great condition and has his complete outfit including scarf and shoes. The outfit is amazing quality. He even sings! When I was looking him over I accidentally pressed the button on his stomach that makes him sing. I wondered where the loud disembodied music was coming from for a second till I realized it was him! I thought he was one of those dolls who just sings a snippet of a song, but Master Bieber continued to sing...and sing...and sing. He kept singing, in fact, as I walked through the store looking for my hubby who had headed over to the electronics, and while hubby and I were looking through some bags at which point I hissed, "shut up!" at poor Biebs and resorted to hitting him on the head. I was a little embarrassed and tried to steer us down deserted aisles so no one would wonder why the dulcet tones of, "Let me tell you one time," was magically emanating from me wherever I went. But anyway despite his embarrassingly loud and persistent song - oh preserve me from people thinking I'm actually listening to Justin Bieber songs on purpose - I kind of like him.

Here's a full shot of him in all his Bieb-ish glory.

Do you like my hair?

Awesome Possum gives The Biebs a 4 out of 5 for the quality of his clothes and fun-ness (is that even a word?) I give him a minus 27 for embarrassing me, but I agree that all in all he's pretty cool.

Awesome Possum

4 Out of 5 on the Awesomeness Scale

One last thing. When I brought The Biebs home my 13 year old daughter, who never wanted anything to do with Bieber Fever, swatted him away when I showed her. I can't even begin to express how cool my daughter is. She marches to the beat of a different drummer, she's not a follower just for the sake of it and makes up her own mind. Just sayin'. ;)

I also found a 1st wave Liv doll Sophie in perfect condition with her wig, part of her outfit and her glasses too! I almost never find cool Liv accessories like glasses so I was thrilled. I'm planning on sharing some pics of my Liv Doll collection in an upcoming post so I'll show her off then.

Thanks for reading!

Ta Ta for now!