Monday, 8 April 2013

Shiny Even Newer Blog Design

It took me precisely 24 hours to realize that the blue and white Damask blog design was not my thing, so I changed it to this. I like the happy, breezy hibiscus motif much better. Anyway enough of my rambling about blog design.

Here are some cute bonus pics of my daughter's bunny just to make reading this worthwhile. WARNING: These pics may make you want to run out and get yourself a pet bunny! Steel yerself against the cuteness people!

 Feast your eyes on the cuteness!

 Check out those adorable ears!

By the way Awesome Possum gives having your own pet bunny 5 thumbs up out of five on the Awesomeness Scale. Just sayin.' ;)

Thanks for looking. Have a great evening.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!

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