Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hayden's House Project - Almost Finished!

Hi Peeps!

I've been having so much fun working on this project. It's my first attempt at customizing a dollhouse, or in this case it's more of a diorama. Hubby and I went to Home Depot over the Easter weekend in search of white spray paint. While wandering the aisles I found a roll of contact paper that looks just like a piece of pine. I thought it would be perfect as a floor for Hayden's house. I did have some scrapbook paper I was going to use, but I figured this contact paper will be much tougher and you can even wipe it down with a damp cloth if it get's dirty. I'll get hubby to cut a sheet of wood to size and then attach it to the wood. Then Hayden's House will sit on top of the wood like a floor.

Anyway here's the progress I've made so far. Instead of using the modern sofa, chair and coffee table pictured in an earlier post, I chose to use a Barbie armchair instead. It takes up less room and tucks neatly into the corner. It also seems to fit the beach vibe I'm going for better.

Here's the bedroom. I still have to buy some fabric and make some bedding and throw pillows. I made the floor rug by cutting a piece of woven, texured scrapbook paper (which looks and feels just like sisal carpeting) into a rectangle. Then I cut thick, brown textured paper into strips and glued the strips around the rectangle. It was a really easy way to make a bordered rug, plus it cost next to nothing for the paper and glue. The basket with the bunny in it comes from a Barbie zoo set. The cushion in it was pink till I spray painted it white. I also painted black details onto the stereo on the shelf over the bed. I had some pink and blue bottles up there before but, in my mission to ruthlessly eradicate all pink, I had to let them go in favor of the stereo.

Next, the bedside table. Those two little plastic bottles with corks in are from a Barbie Cali Girl doll set that I bought some years ago. They used to have blue bases in them but I didn't really like the blue. Fortunately they popped out easily. The tiny magnifying glass is from the It's My Nature, Hayden doll set, and so are the pretty green bag and butterfly net hanging from the hook.   

I didn't really have to do much to the kitchen. I simply replaced the original backdrop with the green diamond pattern scrapbook paper (which I talk about in an earlier post) and added the dining set.  Today I decided to make another rug to I repeated the process for the smaller bedroom rug, but made it bigger. Easy peasy. You can see the texture better in this picture. It's curling up at the corners so maybe I'll try to iron it flat again.

The green tea set, cutlery and food came with the house. There's also a tray of muffins and a pizza, plus a cartons of eggs and a carton of milk but I forgot to include them in the pics.  

Oh yes, I almost forgot. The tiny bar of soap on the sink (pictured below) was from a Barbie Loving Family play set. It was - horror of horrors - an icky peach color, but of course I couldn't be having that, so it got spray painted white. The kids keep coming home from school, sniffing just inside the door and asking, "Have you been spray painting again?" I do open all the windows but the smell lingers. I hope it doesn't get the the point where I open my front door and a cloud of spray paint wafts out. The neighbors already think I'm nutty enough as it is! ;)

Last but not least is Hayden's little pet bunny Pip. He's a Schleich Netherland Dwarf rabbit. I found my It's My Nature Hayden doll 2nd-hand on Kjiji and she was missing the bunny that comes with her so the Schleich bunny happily stepped in. Isn't he cute?

Pip is named after my daughter's real pet bunny Pippin.

Thanks for reading.

Ta Ta for now dolly peeps!



  1. Yay! Becky has a doll house :). Looking forward to seeing some pics with the owner in it. Love the arnchair.