Friday, 22 March 2013

Hayden's House Project

Hi Peeps!

If you're following this blog you might remember that my hubby bought me the Liv Doll Hayden's House with Hayden doll for our 18th anniversary in February. Check it out. It's pretty cool.

Here's a pic of it freshly unboxed.

Here's a pic of it after I added some new furniture and accessories.

I liked it straight out of the box but there were some issues I needed to address so I could really love it. Because of the gorgeous blue kitchen cabinets I thought it would look great as a beach cottage, so I devised a cunning plan:

Step 1. Replace the background wall in the kitchen with scrapbook paper.

Here's the original background. It's nice enough but it has too much pink for my taste, and I have something different in mind.

Here's the new background. I found this lovely green scrapbook paper at Michaels craft store. I removed the original cardboard background and used it as a template to cut the paper to size. Then I simply slipped the paper in front of the cardboard background and replaced it into the house. I didn't glue the paper in place because I like the idea of being able to swap it out for a change.

Step 2. Spray paint some of the gaudy colored accessories, especially anything that's pink!

Before painting.

 After painting.

Step 3. Repaint all furniture white to tie it into to the bed color.

Before Painting.

I found the bright and multicolored furniture a bit much.

 After Painting.

 I prefer all white furniture. It's calming and easier on the eyes, 
and I can add a few small pops of color.

Step 4. Create a floor.

I wasn't sure how to complete this step until, I was at Michaels looking for scrapbook paper for the kitchen wall. I spotted this cool paper which looks just like a wooden floor and grabbed a couple of pieces. It's perfect!

 Here's how it looks with the house. I like the contrast of the darker floor with the light walls.

Well that's what I've completed so far. Next on my To Do List are:

To Do List

1. Add sisal area rugs to the bedroom and kitchen.
2. Make bedding.
3. Spray paint the pink roof white.
4. Make framed pictures for the walls.
5. Make some beachy accessories.

Thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!

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