Friday, 22 March 2013

Hayden's House Project

Hi Peeps!

If you're following this blog you might remember that my hubby bought me the Liv Doll Hayden's House with Hayden doll for our 18th anniversary in February. Check it out. It's pretty cool.

Here's a pic of it freshly unboxed.

Here's a pic of it after I added some new furniture and accessories.

I liked it straight out of the box but there were some issues I needed to address so I could really love it. Because of the gorgeous blue kitchen cabinets I thought it would look great as a beach cottage, so I devised a cunning plan:

Step 1. Replace the background wall in the kitchen with scrapbook paper.

Here's the original background. It's nice enough but it has too much pink for my taste, and I have something different in mind.

Here's the new background. I found this lovely green scrapbook paper at Michaels craft store. I removed the original cardboard background and used it as a template to cut the paper to size. Then I simply slipped the paper in front of the cardboard background and replaced it into the house. I didn't glue the paper in place because I like the idea of being able to swap it out for a change.

Step 2. Spray paint some of the gaudy colored accessories, especially anything that's pink!

Before painting.

 After painting.

Step 3. Repaint all furniture white to tie it into to the bed color.

Before Painting.

I found the bright and multicolored furniture a bit much.

 After Painting.

 I prefer all white furniture. It's calming and easier on the eyes, 
and I can add a few small pops of color.

Step 4. Create a floor.

I wasn't sure how to complete this step until, I was at Michaels looking for scrapbook paper for the kitchen wall. I spotted this cool paper which looks just like a wooden floor and grabbed a couple of pieces. It's perfect!

 Here's how it looks with the house. I like the contrast of the darker floor with the light walls.

Well that's what I've completed so far. Next on my To Do List are:

To Do List

1. Add sisal area rugs to the bedroom and kitchen.
2. Make bedding.
3. Spray paint the pink roof white.
4. Make framed pictures for the walls.
5. Make some beachy accessories.

Thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Introducing Awesome Possum!

I know I already posted once today but I just had to introduce you to my new buddy Awesome Possum. Either I'm totally loosing my marbles (please chalk that up to Peri-menopause) or it's a good idea. Knowing me it's probably the former. So without further ado here he is, the coolest Possum that ever wore orange glasses for no apparent reason...Awesome Possum!!! (Insert enthusiastic applause)

 *Awesome Possum!

This little fella is going to be making an appearance periodically to let you know what he thinks about stuff 'cause he obviously knows everything, and well...he's just that awesome! So keep your eyes peeled for him, you never know when he might appear...


See you didn't expect that did you? See...just sayin', ya never know. ;)

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!


*The above images do not belong to me.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Mission Liv Doll Search

Hi Peeps!

Since I discovered that Liv dolls have been discontinued I've been periodically hitting up my local thrift stores in search of discounted Liv Dolls. This Saturday, darling hubby and I braved the sub-zero Canadian weather for a thrift store run. First stop: Goodwill. No Liv Dolls there but I spied a couple of familiar faces peeking out at me from the stuffed animals. I pulled them out to find myself staring at Mary-Kate and Ashley. Both of them no less! Call me crazy, but at $2.50 each, I had to nab them.

Here they are, nekkid just as I found them. Sorry Mary-Kate and Ashley. Lol!


They both have a slight case of bed head!

They're in pretty good shape and with a bit of a scrub and brush up they'll be perfect. They seem to be roughly Skipper sized, so until I find some appropriate sized clothes, I'll stash them in my work-in-progress doll pile. I do have some cunning plans for them though...we'll have to see. So stay tuned over the next few weeks for more M.K. and Ashley. ;)

Also I found an Alice In Wonderland Moxie Girl. I have no real interest in Moxie girls but I love Alice in Wonderland stuff so I grabbed her for the clothes.

Major case of bed head.

Next stop was the little thrift store next door. Nothing of interest there except random un-articulated Barbies. Feeling kinda blah with my haul so far, we decided to head over to a nearby Value Village we hadn't visited in a long time. I wasn't expecting much there but as I went down the doll isle I saw what I was pretty dang sure was a Liv doll lying on the floor. The other hapless shoppers had no chance, with the determination of a drooling lion chasing down a poor defenseless deer I snatched up that doll like my life depended on it. Then as I scanned the hooks of bagged dollies I saw another Liv doll! Externally I probably looked fairly sane and normal but inside I was squealing with joy and doing a mental happy dance at finding not one but TWO Liv dolls!!! Granted they were both wigless and only one had a piece of her original outfit, but still...squeeeeee!!!

Bagged Beauties

Anyway once I'd calmed down and paid for my dolls we decided to check out our local Zellers which is closing down. I found a deeply discounted Liv Daniella Spa Doll there a week or so ago, and it had been bugging me ever since that I knew that there were other Liv stiff there. I knew this might be the last time I had some money to spend there before they close forever. So my ever patient hubby drove me over there and I anxiously wandered the toy isles. I was just starting to think that I was too late and the last Liv stock had been picked clean when I spied a Liv outfit I'd been drooling over on line. It was the Sail Away fashion pack and next to it was the Liv barbeque set!

I love the retro details of the outfit!

At this point, as far as I was concerned, I was a happy girl, and I could have strolled out of the store contented. However as I glanced back at the same shelf I noticed something else! I gave a squeak of excitement and rummaged through the stuff piled on the shelf to find...wait for it...

Liv Doll Cabana!

Awesome Possom!!!

I've wanted this Liv Cabana for ages! So by now I was wondering if, even at the sale prices, I had enough money to buy everything. Hubby helped me do the math because I'm terrible at math. They ended up costing much less than the ticketed prices you see in the pics, so lo and behold I had enough for all three things! Double awesome possom! WOOOHOOOO!!! So I grabbed my loot and skipped happily to the checkout, very probably wierding out the miserable girl behind the cash with my manic ear to ear grin, and floated home on a happy cloud.

Anyway # 1 son just got home from high school so I must dash off to make sure he does his homework, but I couldn't resist sharing my Haul! It was like Christmas!

I'll be sharing pics of my new Liv girls wigged and dressed in the next few days so stay tuned!

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!