Saturday, 7 December 2013

Snow White

Greetings Dolly Peeps,

I'm sorry I've been away for so long. I wouldn't blame you for thinking I'd dropped off the face of the earth, but I haven't. I've been busy dealing with some family issues. Now things have calmed down again I'd like to introduce you to Snow White.

Snow White is a ball jointed doll. For those of you who aren't familiar with ball jointed dolls this is what Wikipedia has to say about them:

"A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. In contemporary usage when referring to modern dolls, and particularly when using the acronyms BJD or ABJD, it usually refers to modern Asian ball-jointed dolls. These are cast in polyurethane synthetic resin, a hard, dense plastic, and the parts strung together with a thick elastic. They are predominantly produced in Japan, South Korea and China... They commonly range in size from about 60 centimetres (24 in) for the larger dolls, 40 cm (16 in) for the mini dolls, and all the way down to 10 cm (4 in) or so for the tiniest of the tiny BJDs. BJDs are primarily intended for adult collectors and customizers. They are made to be easy to customize, by painting, changing the eyes and wig, and so forth."

For a long time I only collected tiny BJD's, but I recently sold all my tinies and moved onto bigger dolls. Which is where Snow White comes in. She is an Asleep Eidolon Aure and  measures 42cm high. I fell completely in love with her the moment I first saw her on the Asleep Eidolon website. I immediately thought that she would make the perfect Snow White. Her wistful expression, those big, soulful eyes and that little, red, rosebud mouth, well everything about her screamed Snow White to me.

However I never thought I would actually own this beautiful doll, mostly because of the cost but also because of the nine month - yes count 'em...NINE. LONG. MONTHS - of waiting time that follows after ordering one of AE's dolls while the company casts, puts together, paints, and ships out your doll. Honestly I never thought I'd have the patience to wait that long. But *GASP* wonder of wonders I found a second hand AE Aure on flickr and jumped on the chance to adopt her. And now she's mine! Can you imagine me doing my happy dance? Well I did, when she arrived home. It involved some jigging around and lots of high pitched! 

 Princess of the forest

Dreaming of Prince Charming

In the forest

Out of a fairytale

Out of a fairytale

The fairest of them all.

So anyway thanks for taking a peek at my blog and for listening to me ramble.

Coconut Hugs,

Monday, 6 May 2013

Raven's New Clothes

Greetings Dolly Peeps!

Just a quick post to share some pics I took of my latest thrift store find, Barbie Raven Symone. I feel totally blessed to have found this beautiful doll, she's easily one of my prettiest Barbies and she photographs like a dream.

I love her so much that I bought her a couple of new outfits from my favorite online shop, Tabloach Productions. It's owned and run by a lovely lady called Loanne who sells all sorts of Barbie clothes and accessories at great prices. I spent more than $25 so I got free shipping, and Loanne wrapped my goodies up so prettily that it was like Christmas opening it today. So here's a shout out to Loanne and her awesome shop, which gets 5 out of 5 Thumbs up on the Awesome Possum scale! Hola!

5 Out Of 5!

Anyway enough chat, back to the piccies...I don't usually go for brightly colored doll clothes but Raven has such a gorgeous skin tone that anything looks good on her. So I chose these two Barbie So In Style Baby Phat outfits from Tabloach's Store:

*Barbie So In Style Baby Phat

*Barbie So In Style Baby Phat

I also bought another Barbe SIS Baby Phat pink sweater and boots but don't have pics of them yet. But anyway here's Raven wearing the first.

'Aint she perty ladies and gentlemen?

And here she is wearing the second outfit.

Thanks for looking and check out Tabloach Productions.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!

*Not my picture

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Eating My Words!

So it was just a few posts ago that I declared that I was bored of Barbies. Well I'm here to eat my words! I found this beauty at a local thrift store...

...and was so spellbound by her awesomeness that she jumped into my hand and came home with me.  She was in really good shape so I dressed her in a Liv doll dress and some black Barbie boots, popped her hair up into a pony tail and sat back happily to admire her.

At first I thought she was a Barbie So In Style doll, but then a kind soul on flickr told me she was a first wave Barbie, It's so Raven doll. She has the Barbie Mbili face sculpt which is the same as the Barbie So In Style dolls, so no wonder she looks like them. How cool is that! I didn't even know Raven had her own Barbie. As I have a soft spot for Barbies of color I was thrilled to have another beautiful girl to add to my collection. 

After swearing off Barbies, 'just one more isn't too bad,' I told myself. But then I started thinking of all the other Barbies I'd squirreled away in boxes, especially the Barbie Doll Of The World dolls. So anyway to cut a long story short I'm currently surrounded by boxes of Barbies and I'm remembering how cool they are. Now don't get me wrong I'm still on my ANTI PINK campaign, but I'd forgotten how many of my Barbies are not slathered in pink and...I have to admit it...kinda awesome. Oh the shame!

So I've been taking them out of their boxes, undressing them and having an absolute hoot playing with them...uh I mean photographing them. ahem! *cough cough*

Here are some of my favorites.

Barbie Princess of South Africa. I redressed her in the Livin' Wild Liv doll dress. I adore her dark, ebony skin tone!

 My all time favorite Barbie

Barbie Princess of the Pacific Islands. Her photo actually doesn't do her justice. She's even more beautiful in the plastic. 

Tropical Beauty

Barbie Cali Girl Male doll. I can't remember what this guy's name was but who cares, he's amazing even without a name.


Barbie Princess of Korea. I took down her elaborate hairstyle and washed out all the gel stuff. I love how innocent and fresh she looks.

Oriental Awesomeness

So that's it. All that remains to say is that I've fallen off the Barbie wagon BIG TIME! But surprisingly I'm okay with it. 

Thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Shiny Even Newer Blog Design

It took me precisely 24 hours to realize that the blue and white Damask blog design was not my thing, so I changed it to this. I like the happy, breezy hibiscus motif much better. Anyway enough of my rambling about blog design.

Here are some cute bonus pics of my daughter's bunny just to make reading this worthwhile. WARNING: These pics may make you want to run out and get yourself a pet bunny! Steel yerself against the cuteness people!

 Feast your eyes on the cuteness!

 Check out those adorable ears!

By the way Awesome Possum gives having your own pet bunny 5 thumbs up out of five on the Awesomeness Scale. Just sayin.' ;)

Thanks for looking. Have a great evening.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Shiny New Blog Design

Hi Peeps!

So I was messing around with my blog trying to make it look pretty and I came up with this blue, white and black I'm still not sure if it works because it's all very pretty and sophisticated and my blog content is anything but. I mean my mascot is a possum wearing orange sunglasses. O.o

A.P. says, "'wassup."

Anyway it's all looking very shiny and pretty around here so I thought I'd ask Awesome possum to make an appearance to bring the general shinyness down a few notches. Also to get his vote 'cause he is my official mascot. And, y'know, If you're not listening to a possum you're not getting the right info. Uh Oh. look, he gives it two thumbs up out of five on the Awesomeness Scale. Not great, and definitely could be better.

I dunno. What do you think? Be honest, I promise I won't cry if you don't like it. ;)

Thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps,

Meet the REAL Little Grey Coconut!

Hi Peeps,

Every now and again someone asks me what's up with my online name. I agree "Little Grey Coconut" is kind of obscure so I figured I should introduce you to the inspiration for it. Meet the coolest bird in the world...Coconut! Yup he's little he's grey...and his name is Coconut! Make sense now? :)

I'm awesome and I know it!

So let me tell you a bit about him. His full name is Coconut but we always call him Coco. He's an 8 year old grey Cockatiel with more personality packed into his tiny body than you could possibly imagine, a slight addiction to seeds and a surprisingly sarcastic sense of humor. I bet you never knew parrots could have a sense of humor did ya? Well they do. He loves to call me over to his cage, bend his head down to get a head scratch, which birds love, and then he'll whip his head up, bite me and then laugh! Ouch! That's just one of the many ways he loves to mess with me.

 Beware of Coco, destroyer of worlds!

He's kind of a grumpy little man but I love him dearly. There's something special about having the love of a parrot. I find that most dogs tend to love you on sight. They've been domesticated for over 4000 years after all, but parrots are usually only a few generations out of the wild. So whether they like you or not is completely up to them and they're not shy about showing it. When Coco was a baby he'd picked up an infection from the breeder and got very sick. We'd only had hm for a few days at that point so we rushed  him to the birdy vet. The vet told us to prepare ourselves because he might die. Thankfully after lots of TLC from the lovely people at the vet Coco pulled through. Once we took him home again all he wanted to do was sit on me and snuggle. It was during that time that he and I bonded. I became his favorite person and we've been best buddies ever since. His nickname for me is, "Baby," despite me trying to teach him to call me Mom. I tried to teach him the Hawaii 5-O theme song too but he wasn't having any of that either. Dang it. O.o

You know you love me...I'm just that cute!

He can say approximately 10 words and phrases. His repetoire includes:

- Whatcha doin?
- Pretty Boy
- Pieces of Eight (Just like a pirate's parrot!)
- Love you!
- C'mere
- Step up (when he wants to be picked up)
- Good bird
- Blows kisses
- Gives the occasional wolf whistle
- He mimics the phone
- Laughs

Plus he just happens to be the most awesome feathered friend a girl could ever have...ever!!! Oh...and whenever I get him out of the cage in the morning he loves me to kiss his tummy. There's nothing more awesome possum than kissing a warm little birdy tummy in the morning. *Sigh* Life is good. ;)

Anyway thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps,
Becky & Coco

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hayden's House Project - Almost Finished!

Hi Peeps!

I've been having so much fun working on this project. It's my first attempt at customizing a dollhouse, or in this case it's more of a diorama. Hubby and I went to Home Depot over the Easter weekend in search of white spray paint. While wandering the aisles I found a roll of contact paper that looks just like a piece of pine. I thought it would be perfect as a floor for Hayden's house. I did have some scrapbook paper I was going to use, but I figured this contact paper will be much tougher and you can even wipe it down with a damp cloth if it get's dirty. I'll get hubby to cut a sheet of wood to size and then attach it to the wood. Then Hayden's House will sit on top of the wood like a floor.

Anyway here's the progress I've made so far. Instead of using the modern sofa, chair and coffee table pictured in an earlier post, I chose to use a Barbie armchair instead. It takes up less room and tucks neatly into the corner. It also seems to fit the beach vibe I'm going for better.

Here's the bedroom. I still have to buy some fabric and make some bedding and throw pillows. I made the floor rug by cutting a piece of woven, texured scrapbook paper (which looks and feels just like sisal carpeting) into a rectangle. Then I cut thick, brown textured paper into strips and glued the strips around the rectangle. It was a really easy way to make a bordered rug, plus it cost next to nothing for the paper and glue. The basket with the bunny in it comes from a Barbie zoo set. The cushion in it was pink till I spray painted it white. I also painted black details onto the stereo on the shelf over the bed. I had some pink and blue bottles up there before but, in my mission to ruthlessly eradicate all pink, I had to let them go in favor of the stereo.

Next, the bedside table. Those two little plastic bottles with corks in are from a Barbie Cali Girl doll set that I bought some years ago. They used to have blue bases in them but I didn't really like the blue. Fortunately they popped out easily. The tiny magnifying glass is from the It's My Nature, Hayden doll set, and so are the pretty green bag and butterfly net hanging from the hook.   

I didn't really have to do much to the kitchen. I simply replaced the original backdrop with the green diamond pattern scrapbook paper (which I talk about in an earlier post) and added the dining set.  Today I decided to make another rug to I repeated the process for the smaller bedroom rug, but made it bigger. Easy peasy. You can see the texture better in this picture. It's curling up at the corners so maybe I'll try to iron it flat again.

The green tea set, cutlery and food came with the house. There's also a tray of muffins and a pizza, plus a cartons of eggs and a carton of milk but I forgot to include them in the pics.  

Oh yes, I almost forgot. The tiny bar of soap on the sink (pictured below) was from a Barbie Loving Family play set. It was - horror of horrors - an icky peach color, but of course I couldn't be having that, so it got spray painted white. The kids keep coming home from school, sniffing just inside the door and asking, "Have you been spray painting again?" I do open all the windows but the smell lingers. I hope it doesn't get the the point where I open my front door and a cloud of spray paint wafts out. The neighbors already think I'm nutty enough as it is! ;)

Last but not least is Hayden's little pet bunny Pip. He's a Schleich Netherland Dwarf rabbit. I found my It's My Nature Hayden doll 2nd-hand on Kjiji and she was missing the bunny that comes with her so the Schleich bunny happily stepped in. Isn't he cute?

Pip is named after my daughter's real pet bunny Pippin.

Thanks for reading.

Ta Ta for now dolly peeps!


Friday, 22 March 2013

Hayden's House Project

Hi Peeps!

If you're following this blog you might remember that my hubby bought me the Liv Doll Hayden's House with Hayden doll for our 18th anniversary in February. Check it out. It's pretty cool.

Here's a pic of it freshly unboxed.

Here's a pic of it after I added some new furniture and accessories.

I liked it straight out of the box but there were some issues I needed to address so I could really love it. Because of the gorgeous blue kitchen cabinets I thought it would look great as a beach cottage, so I devised a cunning plan:

Step 1. Replace the background wall in the kitchen with scrapbook paper.

Here's the original background. It's nice enough but it has too much pink for my taste, and I have something different in mind.

Here's the new background. I found this lovely green scrapbook paper at Michaels craft store. I removed the original cardboard background and used it as a template to cut the paper to size. Then I simply slipped the paper in front of the cardboard background and replaced it into the house. I didn't glue the paper in place because I like the idea of being able to swap it out for a change.

Step 2. Spray paint some of the gaudy colored accessories, especially anything that's pink!

Before painting.

 After painting.

Step 3. Repaint all furniture white to tie it into to the bed color.

Before Painting.

I found the bright and multicolored furniture a bit much.

 After Painting.

 I prefer all white furniture. It's calming and easier on the eyes, 
and I can add a few small pops of color.

Step 4. Create a floor.

I wasn't sure how to complete this step until, I was at Michaels looking for scrapbook paper for the kitchen wall. I spotted this cool paper which looks just like a wooden floor and grabbed a couple of pieces. It's perfect!

 Here's how it looks with the house. I like the contrast of the darker floor with the light walls.

Well that's what I've completed so far. Next on my To Do List are:

To Do List

1. Add sisal area rugs to the bedroom and kitchen.
2. Make bedding.
3. Spray paint the pink roof white.
4. Make framed pictures for the walls.
5. Make some beachy accessories.

Thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Introducing Awesome Possum!

I know I already posted once today but I just had to introduce you to my new buddy Awesome Possum. Either I'm totally loosing my marbles (please chalk that up to Peri-menopause) or it's a good idea. Knowing me it's probably the former. So without further ado here he is, the coolest Possum that ever wore orange glasses for no apparent reason...Awesome Possum!!! (Insert enthusiastic applause)

 *Awesome Possum!

This little fella is going to be making an appearance periodically to let you know what he thinks about stuff 'cause he obviously knows everything, and well...he's just that awesome! So keep your eyes peeled for him, you never know when he might appear...


See you didn't expect that did you? See...just sayin', ya never know. ;)

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!


*The above images do not belong to me.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Mission Liv Doll Search

Hi Peeps!

Since I discovered that Liv dolls have been discontinued I've been periodically hitting up my local thrift stores in search of discounted Liv Dolls. This Saturday, darling hubby and I braved the sub-zero Canadian weather for a thrift store run. First stop: Goodwill. No Liv Dolls there but I spied a couple of familiar faces peeking out at me from the stuffed animals. I pulled them out to find myself staring at Mary-Kate and Ashley. Both of them no less! Call me crazy, but at $2.50 each, I had to nab them.

Here they are, nekkid just as I found them. Sorry Mary-Kate and Ashley. Lol!


They both have a slight case of bed head!

They're in pretty good shape and with a bit of a scrub and brush up they'll be perfect. They seem to be roughly Skipper sized, so until I find some appropriate sized clothes, I'll stash them in my work-in-progress doll pile. I do have some cunning plans for them though...we'll have to see. So stay tuned over the next few weeks for more M.K. and Ashley. ;)

Also I found an Alice In Wonderland Moxie Girl. I have no real interest in Moxie girls but I love Alice in Wonderland stuff so I grabbed her for the clothes.

Major case of bed head.

Next stop was the little thrift store next door. Nothing of interest there except random un-articulated Barbies. Feeling kinda blah with my haul so far, we decided to head over to a nearby Value Village we hadn't visited in a long time. I wasn't expecting much there but as I went down the doll isle I saw what I was pretty dang sure was a Liv doll lying on the floor. The other hapless shoppers had no chance, with the determination of a drooling lion chasing down a poor defenseless deer I snatched up that doll like my life depended on it. Then as I scanned the hooks of bagged dollies I saw another Liv doll! Externally I probably looked fairly sane and normal but inside I was squealing with joy and doing a mental happy dance at finding not one but TWO Liv dolls!!! Granted they were both wigless and only one had a piece of her original outfit, but still...squeeeeee!!!

Bagged Beauties

Anyway once I'd calmed down and paid for my dolls we decided to check out our local Zellers which is closing down. I found a deeply discounted Liv Daniella Spa Doll there a week or so ago, and it had been bugging me ever since that I knew that there were other Liv stiff there. I knew this might be the last time I had some money to spend there before they close forever. So my ever patient hubby drove me over there and I anxiously wandered the toy isles. I was just starting to think that I was too late and the last Liv stock had been picked clean when I spied a Liv outfit I'd been drooling over on line. It was the Sail Away fashion pack and next to it was the Liv barbeque set!

I love the retro details of the outfit!

At this point, as far as I was concerned, I was a happy girl, and I could have strolled out of the store contented. However as I glanced back at the same shelf I noticed something else! I gave a squeak of excitement and rummaged through the stuff piled on the shelf to find...wait for it...

Liv Doll Cabana!

Awesome Possom!!!

I've wanted this Liv Cabana for ages! So by now I was wondering if, even at the sale prices, I had enough money to buy everything. Hubby helped me do the math because I'm terrible at math. They ended up costing much less than the ticketed prices you see in the pics, so lo and behold I had enough for all three things! Double awesome possom! WOOOHOOOO!!! So I grabbed my loot and skipped happily to the checkout, very probably wierding out the miserable girl behind the cash with my manic ear to ear grin, and floated home on a happy cloud.

Anyway # 1 son just got home from high school so I must dash off to make sure he does his homework, but I couldn't resist sharing my Haul! It was like Christmas!

I'll be sharing pics of my new Liv girls wigged and dressed in the next few days so stay tuned!

Ta Ta for now Dolly Peeps!